Happy Doods – Goldendoodle Puppies Raised in Ohio

— Goldendoodle Breeder located in Akron, Ohio —

We raise Happy Doods!

Happy Doods is a small family breeder run by us, Katie and Josiah Doles and our two children. We strive to produce happy, healthy, and well-adjusted Goldendoodle puppies. While we all have a life-long passion for animals, Katie also has a background as a veterinary technician.

Katie grew up in a small rural village breeding and raising hunting beagles with her family. Later she went to college to become a veterinary technician and worked in the field for 8 years. Katie is very excited to use her medical knowledge and background to return to her roots breeding and raising puppies to share with you!

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— Goldendoodle Puppies Raised the Badass Breeder way —

Our puppies are healthy and well socialized

Our Goldendoodle puppies are raised and socialized using the Badass Breeder program. This program utilizes early neurological stimulation (ENS) and early scent introduction (ESI), starting on the third day of life, which helps dogs to manage and recover from stress more easily throughout life. We also perform daily exposure exercises to introduce puppies to a variety of experiences (motions, sounds, people, pets, etc.) just like service and therapy dogs.

We are committed to extensive puppy evaluations that help guide our clients to making the best match possible taking into account your needs as well as those of the puppy. Please see our puppy curriculum link at the top of the page for pictures, videos, and more information about how we raise our puppies.

All of our parent dogs are genetic, Penn Hip, and OFA elbows, eyes, and cardiac cleared. You can learn more about each parent on the parents link at the top of the page.

Past and Present Litters

Fall 2021 – Holiday Pie Litter

F1 Goldendoodles born on Thanksgiving 11/25/2021!  Rainbow and Rosie (Roosevelt) have produced beautiful, sweet first generation (F1) Standard Goldendoodles!  Estimated size 50-70 pounds.    

Spring 2023- Cereal Bowl Litter

Rainbow and Chaco had a beautiful litter of 5 F1 Standard Goldendoodles! Estimated size 45-65lbs at maturity.  

Our Commitment

First and foremost, we are committed to our dogs. Our moms receive top notch care including regular veterinary visits, high quality nutrition, daily massages, enrichment activities, exercise, and (of course) all of our love and devotion. We honor and respect our dogs and put them first when making breeding decisions.

We are committed to our puppies. We raise our puppies on an enriching curriculum based on what is appropriate for each developmental stage. We perform temperament assessments close to 8 weeks of age to help our puppies and our clients find the best match possible. If at any point in a puppy/dog’s life their owner can no longer care for them, we will take them back no matter the issue. Cleanliness and hygiene are also extremely important to keep our puppies safe while they are growing and developing their immune systems. We regularly sanitize all toys, bowls, bedding, crates, and play areas.