Happy Doods – Goldendoodle Puppies Raised in Ohio

Our Guardian Program

Our guardian homes serve a key role in keeping the pups who are part of our program healthy and happy. As much as we would love to keep all the dogs to ourselves and have them all live with our family, it is just not feasible. It is because of this that we decided to make guardian homes a part of our program.

A guardian home is comparable to a foster home but the difference is that at the end of the guardian/breeder relationship the guardian pup becomes the guardian’s permanent pet. We place both females and males into guardian homes to ensure they get the attention and love they need while still passing on their amazing qualities through breeding. The guardian pup lives with their guardian 80% of the time. They come to us regularly for visits and females will also return when it is time to whelp and raise a litter.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home please read the Guardian Home FAQ’s.  Let us share our Happy Doods with you!

Our Guardian Program

As a guardian you will have zero upfront costs for the puppy we place in your home. You get a free puppy! How cool is that?!?

Breeding dogs will be released by the program at the owner’s (Happy Doods’) discretion. Once all health and genetic testing are cleared breeding can begin. Females will typically have 3-4 litters total and we expect them to retire around 4-5 years of age. Males can stay in the program longer and may retire between 6-8 years of age.

When a guardian dog is released from the breeding program (either because health testing has failed or they have completed their breeding requirements) the dog will be spayed/neutered at the owner’s (Happy Doods’) expense. Once they are spayed/neutered the guardian has the option to adopt them permanently at which point full ownership would be transferred to the guardian, or the guardian can return the dog to us for placement in an appropriate home. If at any time a guardian can no longer care for the dog the guardian will return them to us (even after the dog has been released from our program).

Yes! If your current dogs are spayed/neutered we would be happy to discuss your current pets and find out what would be the best puppy to place in your home.

You may let us know if you have a gender or coat type preference and we will do our best to find a good fit for your family and home. We choose our breeding dogs with great care and they will be chosen for health, temperament, and genetics as top priority. We cannot accommodate color requests.

Yes! Happy Doods reserves the right to veto any name choices that could compromise the business.

Happy Doods provides the guardian with a pick of the litter, high quality, breeding dog (valued at $6,000). Happy Doods will pay for all breeding related costs (Genetic testing, PennHip, OFA cardiac, eyes, and elbow clearances; semen analyses, breeding soundness exams, pre-natal ultrasounds or x-rays, and C-sections if needed). The guardian pays for routine care as you would any other pet including, but not limited to, vaccinations, food, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention, training, grooming, and routine illnesses/veterinary care.

If you would do us the honor of becoming a guardian for Happy Doods you will partner with us on our mission to provide people with happy, healthy, heart-healing Goldendoodles. As an added bonus you get a puppy to love! We will provide you with a lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella, a phenomenal online dog training academy, as well as a copy of the book Canine Enrichment that includes many brain games for you and the pup to enjoy!

There will be a contract in place signed by both parties that will outline the responsibilities, expectations, and protections for each party. If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding your guardian dog please do not hesitate to contact us. Ownership of the dog will remain with Happy Doods until the dog is released from the breeding program.

We require that all guardians live within 2 hours (driving distance) of Akron, Ohio.

You will be responsible for training and socializing the guardian dog. We will provide a lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella online dog training academy and require that guardians either utilize this or an in-person trainer at their own expense. Guardian dogs will need to return to our home several times per year for visits, breeding, health testing re-certifications, etc. It is important that the dog is well socialized and trained as many puppy parents will want to meet the parents of their new family member. Guardian parents may expect to do at least 50% of the driving involved.

As with any other pet you may have, you will be responsible for finding adequate accommodations for the guardian dog. We personally prefer in-home dog sitters when we are out of town so that there is no risk of accidental breeding in a boarding kennel situation and to protect from parasites and germs. If you have a female who is/will be in heat, or is expecting a litter, that can be an ideal time to plan a trip as she would be in our home for breeding/whelping purposes anyway!