Happy Doods – Goldendoodle Puppies Raised in Ohio

It’s a no from me dawg

“She’s not pregnant.”  It is never what we want to hear as breeders.  Devastating words.  While we have to believe that these things happen for a reason and it was just not the right time, we can’t help but doubt ourselves a bit.  Did we do something wrong?  Did we not time her cycle correctly to get her to the stud in time?  Should we have asked the vet to perform artificial insemination instead?  The options for self doubt are endless.

As a human who suffers from infertility these words tend to hit me a little harder.  Part of my passion for breeding comes from not only the 5 year old inside me that wanted to be a vet, but also my infertility journey.  Those negative pregnancy tests are hard to take.  The what-ifs and the could-have-beens are overwhelming some days.  Bringing new life into the world may seem easy for some, but for others, we really have to fight for it!

Whether it is human babies, or dog babies, I am here for it!  I have always adored babies and puppies!  Getting to raise Goldendoodle puppies is a dream come true.  Getting to shape them and teach them every day could not be more rewarding.  We teach our puppies that the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.  We use the Badass Breeder Advanced Service Dog program to ensure our puppies are given the absolute BEST start to life!  We perform extensive health testing on all parent dogs prior to breeding to help give our clients peace of mind about their puppy’s health.

While today we may have gotten “It’s a no from me dawg” from the vet and we are sad, we won’t let that stop us.  We move forward with faith in our dogs, faith in our breeding program, and even a little bit of faith in ourselves as we plan for puppies in the Spring instead of Winter.  And at least it won’t be so cold!  🙂

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